Vitaly wellness program

The art of health and beauty wellness programs


The Art of Health and Beauty Wellness Programs are designed in such a way as to be both prevention and treatment at the same time, pleasure and enjoyment, rest and relaxation, and their basis is the cooperation of tradition with the contemporary concept of health preservation. Revitalize your body and soul with the help of unique programs created by a professional staff of therapists, medical doctors and experts.

Professional massage is one of the oldest treatment techniques, and while at the same time relaxes and nourished the skin, it also stimulates good mood and relieves from stress, toxins and negative energy. Choose from a variety of our finest massages:






The combination of special essential oils and massage techniques improves the circulation and flow of lymph which in turn dissolves cellulite, perfecting the muscle and skin tone. With this massage, it is possible to go quite near the area which is affected by cellulite, and the touch intensity is adjusted individually. This massage is performed by two therapists.





This full-body massage, excluding the face and the head, is used to achieve profound relaxation of your body on a physical, emotional and psychological level. The techniques which are used result in the best effects when it comes to relieving the pains caused by stress and bad life habits; they help eliminate the toxins from the organism and achieving ultimate relaxation and a better mood. Worm ambient, inspirational background melodies and the massage itself have the aim to bring your body in a state of total relaxation.







Synchronized movements of two therapists will give you the sensation of supreme harmony, balance and tranquility, restoring energy stability in your body. This massage affords the total sensation of glamour and sophistication and it is refreshment for the body and soul.






This massage is designed to relax your body and soul, and it has an anti-stress effect, so it is the right choice for people constantly exposed to stressful situations. This is a full body massage, including the face and head, and it is performed using aromatic oils that have a soothing and relaxing effect.




Banja Koviljaca


This unique symbol of Banja Koviljaca, the legendary Spa’s park was built in the manner of the ones in Western Europe. It spans over 40 ha and represents the second largest park in Serbia. It is situated at the foot of a forest of hornbeam, cerris and beech and since the beginning of the 20th century; it has attracted the visitors with its appearance and grandeur. At the very center of this outdoor museum of Nature is a magnificent fountain, which stands in the place of a once smaller one.



The history of Banja Koviljaca is very rich, dating back to the Iliric period, followed by the occupation of the area by the Ancient Romans, and later the Otoman In the first written records dating back to 1533, it is stated that hordes of people visited these healthy springs.  The first facility that offered accommodation was comprised of ten rooms and was built in 1858. This year is very important in Banja Koviljaca’s history since it was then that the doctors were given the permission and obligation to prescribe healing water of this spa resort to the sick. And, it is this 1858 that is regarded as the crucial year in the creation of this now modern health resort.

Since 1867, during the rule of Mihailo Obrenovic, Banja Koviljaca was under the protection of the state.  On August 1st, 1898, the National Assembly granted the governance .

During the 1920’s and 1930’s, the construction of Banja Koviljaca was completed. Luxurious hotels and villas were built and a beautifully designed park connecting all of the spa’s structures. The facility of fascinating beauty called “Kur-Salon” has been the place for amusement since 1939, and the lavishness of its interior still reflects the spirit of past times.  The first gambling house in the Balkans was opened in “Kur-Salon”.