There is an eternal source of vital energy, life force and joy in each one of us that unites our multidimensional life with the rest of the world. Energy is everything and everywhere. We are part of the universal energysystem.

For me, vitality captures important aspects that we need for an independent life: lifeforce, free willingness and energy flow. Vitality provides me with positive strength and optimism to handle life as it happens to me. Everything we do, think and feel costs energy. In fact, we gain, consume, lose and re-gain energy all the time. Without vital energy, we couldn’t exist. Energy moves freely and can be created or lost at any minute in our lives.


Vitality comes from the Latin word vita (meaning “life”) and describes a state of aliveness that is much more than just a feeling of being “alive”. Vitality can be defined as a life force, the energy that we need for living. It is like a personal battery which, while charged, gives enough power to enjoy life fully. A vital person is energetic, enthusiastic, inspired, spontaneous, and is living with purpose and excitement. This person possesses a positive, supportive attitude towards himself, others and the environment. Vital people can also be described as curious, playful, and active with the readiness to learn and explore. These abilities are very important for personal development.

Vitality can also be described as “calm energy”, it differs from activation such as anger, anxiety; vitality is always associated with positive, uplifting, cheerful energy. Psychological and physical events both have an impact on our vitality and change our energy level.

Vitality is closely related to longevity capturing important elements such as graceful proactive ageing and a healthy lifestyle. It is also positively related to general health and happiness. Vitality is considered to be an aspect of emotional and physical well-being and is derived from internal sources, mainly from intrinsic motivation.

Vitality expresses itself in a high level of energy and low level of fatigue; in mental resilience and fitness.