About Vitaly

Vitaly is a new vitality program. Vitaly was founded in 2021 by Ljiljana Gajic.

Ljiljana Gajic


Ljiljana Gajic (born in the former Yugoslavia, raised in Australia and living in the Netherlands since 1986, recently returning to own roots in Montenegro on a regluar basis) has been professionally active in the field of interior design for more than 18 years, guiding her clients in making the best choices for an innovative and harmonious interior. Ljiljana has led an enriching life, overcoming personal obstacles with an amazing amount of resilience and is now commited to dedicating her life to her childhood passion: vitality coaching and tourism. Ljiljana has developed a fine taste for quality, natural (homegrown and delicious) foods. She beliefs the beautiful nature of Montenegro in itself is undoubtedly wholesome to the soul of human beings and she is eager to share her experience and enthusiasm with visitors. People who have met Ljiljana, describe her as a pleasant and intelligent "people person" with taste and style, who has a talent for making people feel at home and at ease. Always ready to give a ‘nice touch’ to ordinary life, always looking for the essential ‘small but nice details’ that make worth living. Body, mind and soul.