Vitaly 10 days program

                             Vitaly 10 days vacation


Vitaly is a new vitality program. The goal of this program is to make it more vital and strongerof the employee. By keeping the employees vital, the employer will create a stronger group employees in her company. This ensures, among other things, that employees are more energetic,are more resilient to setbacks and stand in their lives with more passion and health and look to thego to work.

To organize life more Vitaly, it is good to get out of your comfort zone for a whileturn into. The vitality program will therefore start with a 10-day trip to Montenegro.

Later 2 return moments will be scheduled in the year where the past six months will be evaluated is becoming. Here you can discuss what people encounter, what they find difficult to fulfil keep it, or what is going really well. Anticipating this, new tools can be provided to become even more vital.

The idea of a 10-day trip to Montenegro is divided into 3 stages. First there will be all the way to should be rested by a good night’s sleep, healthy food and various activities in the nature. After both mind and body have come to rest, it is necessary to revitalize mind and body to build. The first days will take place in the mountains/nature of Montenegro. After a few days the program will descend to the coast. The program will take place in small groups.

Maximum 15 people at a time. This group is small enough to keep together as one group and large enough to go through various team building activities.

Montenegro was chosen on the basis of a number of considerations. First, Montenegro is acountry where very different nature is present at a short distance er its large mountainous nature reserves a bit further is the coast. This causes a quiet good environment to follow this program. In addition, the culture is very different from culture in the Netherlands .This can be an example for the people who join the program. By showing examples of the way of life in Montenegro can be a good learning path for people to rethink how they have organized their lives. Montenegro is also a 2-hour flight from the Netherlands. This ensures that little time is lost on to travel that maximizes the use of time for a vital lifestyle.

During the journey there will be continuous awareness of the quality of life. It is central what can be adjusted to become more vital. This will ensure in the long run lower absenteeism within companies and a stronger workforce.

So there will also be a number of things that keep coming back during the trip. This is how every morning started with awareness of one’s own body through some classic gymnastics exercises. For example, think of yoga or Pilates. Movement will also be very central are within the journey. This provides the physical part of the vitality. During the trip the food will be provided by local people and restaurants. Attention will also be paid to organic food with lots of vegetables. This with the intention of giving people the insight that good and healthy food is an important factor in a vital lifestyle.

The journey will take 10 days as mentioned before. Below is a breakdown of the activities which will be in a standard trip. Every company has its own type of people.

That is why it is important to prior to the trip to have a good explanation of the group of people who will be accompanying you. There will be in good consultation come up with a tailor-made plan with the company with activities that match the wishes of the company.

This way you don’t have to walk every day, but this can be alternated with an afternoon of rafting or with a mountain bike ride. The planning as indicated below is only a basic planning from which to work.

Day 1. There will be a flight to Podgorica airport. When the group has landed there will be a transfer take place from Podgorica to Lipovo. Because a plane trip with a transfer at the back is best can be intensive, the remaining time can be used by everyone in their own way.

Day 2. It starts with a shared breakfast. (It joint breakfast will take place every morning.) After this, some physical exercises are given done. After the classical exercises, time is scheduled for a walk. During lunch there will be acquainted with the rural atmospheres of Montenegro. In the afternoon there is another walk planned. Because this can feel like intensive, the afternoon walk is shorter than the walk in the morning. After the walk there is some time for your own interpretation and the day ends with a jointly check dinner.

Day 3. Will consist of a shared breakfast. Following will be some more classical exercises. Then a walk is planned to Lucka Gora. This is the next place to stay overnight.

Day 4. The group is given the opportunity to connect with nature through a study of medicinal herbs. This workshop will be led by a local teacher. In the afternoon we will travel back to Lipovo. This concludes with a joint dinner.

Day 5. Will travel to Biogradska Gora National Park to see a different species environment for a walk. The walk will go around Lake Biogradska.

In the evening there will be a glimpse into the culture of Montenegro. This gives a different picture for the group how to live.

Day 6. Will be devoted to a boat trip on Lake Skadar. This will be combined be transported to the Bay of Kotor.

Day 7. Is a day for rest. In the morning there is still a possibility to visit a historic village. In the afternoon you can have a relaxing afternoon on the beach or a few more engage in activities to relax.

Day 8. Will mainly be devoted to various exercises. This is possible on the water and on the country.

Day 9.  Visit to some historical sites is planned in the bay from Kotor. In the afternoon there is another possibility to attend a folklore group for a local dance.

Day 10. Will be dominated by the flight back to the Netherlands.